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Founded in Malibu, California in 2007, From The Ground Up Productions is a leading global trade show and event talent agency, specializing in effective customer engagement and lead generation strategies. Second to none in 45 countries, we are methodically redefining the traditional event staffing footprint via hard work, creativity, innovation and reliability.


MORE than models

Creating buzz and capturing attention at your events is key. But, we're here to help ensure it's the right kind of attention! Our talent are skilled at gathering a crowd, but they're also experienced at crafting a positive customer experience, leaving attendees with a memorable and lasting impression every time. Your brand has substance, so we believe your booth staff should too.

Most event talent agencies boast the thousands of models that they've acquired for their database. What this translates to however, are models from around the world simply submitting their photographs via email, and in turn the agency adding them to the mix. This is unfortunate for their clients, as they've rarely met, or even spoken live to the majority of these individuals. Their aim is to obtain as many orders as possible, and fill them with attractive faces as quickly as possible.

At From The Ground Up we take a very different approach. We actually know each of our talent by name, and have adopted a proven practice of securing many passive talent candidates with a wealth of varied professional experience, to round out a top-tier global roster. Once we understand a client's needs, we carefully establish a listing of our top selects to present for final approval. While this is a highly methodical process for us at headquarters, it is nonetheless brief and seamless for our clients. And most importantly, it delivers quality results for each and every event.

Our elite global presenters all possess the following qualifications:

- 5+ years experience as corporate talent

- Achieve brand expert status in concise period of time

- Articulate, resourceful, enthusiastic, well-groomed and approachable

- Precisely follow specifics of internal communication guidelines and strategies

- Culturally sensitive and appropriately engage with attendees, top customers, high-level executives, VIPs and media

- Informed of relevant developments within client's industry 

- Multilingual talent available